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    לזכר נשמת דבורה בת עזריאל איכל, our classmate and friend —The BYA class of 2001
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    לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי , an exceptionally compassionate person who had a special sensitivity to the needs of children
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    Tizku l’mitzvos! Should be a huge zechus for Devorah’s A”H special neshama!
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    לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי May this beautiful undertaking bring an Aliyah to her נשמה and a Nechama to all those that loved her. Yitzy & Miriam Scheiner & family.
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    In loving memory of our cousin, Devorah.
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    In memory of Devorah a'h, an exceptional soul, who showed so much warmth and gaved so much caring to others. She's always in our hearts.
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    Devorah's neshama should have an aliyah.
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    In memory of a special cousin דבורה בת עזריאל איכל
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    In memory of Devorah a"h whom I did not get to meet in person, and yet was able to tell what a dedicated mother she was to her girls. Aliza and Ilana, you are amazing and kol hakavod for doing this!
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    May Devorah’s Neshama have an Aliyah
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    Devorah's Neshama should have an A'liya & be a good bet'ter for her children & the entire family.
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Join Lev Devorah Camp4ever Scholarship Fund In Memory Of Devorah Feigenbaum Ah!

לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי

I never reach out and it is against my nature. However, I have been wanting for some time to do something meaningful and beneficial in Devorah’s honor. Five years have passed since she was niftar and there is an organization that I have come to know that does great work. Chai4Ever helps families who have a seriously ill parent with all manner of services. I cannot say I benefited from those services while Devorah was alive, but I understand all too much how important they are. Chai4ever runs a travel camp called Camp4ever, where each year for 2 weeks they take kids who live under the pressure of an unwell parent and give them the time of their life.

For that reason, and in conjunction with Chai4Ever, Aliza, Ilana and I are starting the Lev Devorah Camp4Ever Scholarship Fund in memory of Devorah A’h. The goal is to help send as many campers as possible to this amazing camp and allow it to continue to grow and grow until the final dream of having a campus in conjunction with the travel portion is reached. Aliza and Ilana attended the camp for 2 years and I can personally say the staff cares more than one can imagine and they do amazing work.

A family's battle with serious illness makes painfully clear: every member of the family, no matter how young, is dramatically impacted. Hospital visits, procedures, side effects, medical crises, and uncertainty about the future wreak havoc on a child's security. Kids feel confused, anxious, and most of all, different. They attend school knowing that no one else understands what it means to try to complete homework while a parent is in the hospital or to watch a parent transform physically and emotionally due to treatment. They feel like they are on an island all alone and no one is like them.

Camp4ever, a program of Chai4ever, addresses these kids' challenges head-on. This traveling camp provides laughter, fun, and healing in a nurturing environment where parental illness is the norm, not the exception. No child goes through life thinking “I have a secret I need to hide” that doesn’t make them feel different. Every camper here has a secret that creates an instant hidden bond and comfort level they cannot attain elsewhere. Each child has their own counselor, who cheers on the camper throughout this turbulent time. Kids meet other kids who share in their triumphs and losses and understand each other without words. Most importantly, the effects of camp last far beyond the summer. The Camp4ever family creates a network of people who support each other every day of the year and ensure that no child ever has to struggle alone.

Camp4ever, paired with the practical, emotional, and financial help that Chai4ever provides, is literally life-saving. The Lev Devorah Camp4Ever Scholarship Fund aims to raise at least $300,000 to send as many campers as possible to Camp4ever this summer and into the future. Currently, the camp has dozens of campers on the waiting list who are anxiously hoping to hear that they can come to camp.

Please join us in donating by donating here or mailing a check made out to:
c/o Shmuel Feigenbaum
548 Derby Ave,
Woodmere, NY 11598.
Tax ID #46-4175755

Warmly, Shmuel, Aliza and Ilana Feigenbaum

Lev Devorah Camp4ever Scholarship Fund in Memory of Devorah Feigenbaum a"h
לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי

Lev Devorah Camp4ever Scholarship Fund In Memory Of Devorah Feigenbaum Ah