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Shmuel Feigenbaum And Family $50000
Anonymous Sponsor $10000
Erynne And Ari Rennert $10000
Anonymous Sponsor $5000
Susana Weiss $2500
Shamai And Ricki Weisz $1800
Brian Gluck $1800
David Hirsch $1000
Andrew Fuchs $1000
Mark Silber $1000
May her neshoma have an aliah Barbara and Mark Silber
Yoni & Gila Dembitzer $1000
Meir And Malke Weisz $1000
Chaya Rivka & Dov Lieberman $1000
Menashe Feinberg $1000
Richard And Vicki Bienenfeld $1000
In Loving Memory of Devorah Feigenbaum
Moshe Klein $1000
Evan Genack $1000
Anonymous Sponsor $572
לזכר נשמת דבורה בת עזריאל איכל, our classmate and friend —The BYA class of 2001
Ira & Sara Landsman $540
Abba Kloc $500
Abraham Malek $500
Sippora Pearlman $500
Yakov And Mindy Moskowitz $500
Shifra And Meir Traube $500
Jeffrey And Diane Mann $500
Esriel & Miriam Scheiner $500.00
לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי , an exceptionally compassionate person who had a special sensitivity to the needs of children
Michal Halevy $500
May her neshama have an aliya
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Tizku l’mitzvos! Should be a huge zechus for Devorah’s A”H special neshama!
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Anonymous Sponsor $360
Shmuel & Chanie Calko $360.00
לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי
Idy And Moshe Jacobowitz $360
In Memory of DEVORAH AH
Batsheva & Mendy Ackerman $360
Moshe Lazar $360
Devorah was a special mom and wife. May her beautiful neshama have an Aliya
Akiva & Ahuva Silver $360.00
Yaakov And Sorah Weisz $360
Moshe And Chanie Feigenbaum $250
Eli Korn $250
David Koplowitz $250
Jared Dubin $250
Alan And Sharoni Botwinick $250
Anonymous Sponsor $250
George And Rikl Auspitz $250
Isaac Scheiner $250
לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי May this beautiful undertaking bring an Aliyah to her נשמה and a Nechama to all those that loved her. Yitzy & Miriam Scheiner & family.
Andrew Feigenbaum $250
Lisa And Uri Lazar $250
Ray & Lloyd $250
Benzion And Rayla Krupka $250
A beautiful Azkara for a special person z"l
Heshy Hecht $250
Anonymous Sponsor $250
Anonymous Sponsor $234.00
Anonymous Sponsor $200
In loving memory of our cousin, Devorah.
Anonymous Sponsor $200.00
In memory of Devorah a'h, an exceptional soul, who showed so much warmth and gaved so much caring to others. She's always in our hearts.
Gabriella Zahn-Bielski $180
Devorah's neshama should have an aliyah.
Devorah Stein $180
In memory of a special cousin דבורה בת עזריאל איכל
Moshe Eidlisz $180
May Devorah's neshama have further aliyah
Daniel Gelbtuch $180
LeZecher Nishmas Devorah A"H, whose already-lofty Neshomo should have constant Aliyah!
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Lester Katz $180
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Mindy Lovi $180.00
Joseph Schwartz $180.00
Ephraim Witriol $180.
May her neshama have an alya
Aviva & Dovid Gerstel $180.00
In memory of Devorah who I can still hear her saying “Lots of Luv!”
Mordy Weisz $180
Judith Gallent $180.00
David Yastrab $180
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Shimon Gross $180.00
Eric Andron $180
Isaac Weinberger $180
Leo Spira $150
Great cause. May it be a zechus for her neshama.
Joseph Hirsch $136
Shana Reich $118
Aliza And Ilana Feigenbaum $110
RBA Israel Office $108
Chaim Goldgrab $101.00
Jamie Haleva $100
Paulette Hirsch $100
In honor of Aliza Hirsch
Sara Cohen $100
Jonathan Altmark $100.00
Yaakov Weiss $100
Rechama Reisman $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Tzvi Keilson $100
Steven Lapin $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Chaim And Tzipi Puderbeutel $100
Sora Weisberg $100.00
In memory of Devorah a"h whom I did not get to meet in person, and yet was able to tell what a dedicated mother she was to her girls. Aliza and Ilana, you are amazing and kol hakavod for doing this!
Lisa Lesser $100
May Devorah’s Neshama have an Aliyah
Susan & Ephraim Weingarten $100
Avrumi Goldfeder $100
Joshua Aaron $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Chana Binder $100
Heshy & Sharon Kallus $100
May Devorah a"h Neshomo have the highest aliyah.
Ezriel Freifeld $100
Dave Schoenblum $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Mark Moseson $100
Hillel & Chaya Stein $100
לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי May Devorah ah be a melitza yesheira for the beautiful legacy she left behind!
Simma And Ashie Malek $100
Yossi & Chavi Rappaport $100.00
Devorah's Neshama should have an A'liya & be a good bet'ter for her children & the entire family.
Joseph Feldman $100
Shimon And Shulamit Gross $100
Shonie And Binyomin Schwartz $100
Berel Frost $100
David Rosenberg $100
In memory of Devorah Feigenbaum
Ron Cagan $100
Chaim Blumenkrantz $100
Sholom Bryski $100
לע׳נ דבורה ע״ה בת עזריאל איכל הלוי
Ellie Kastel $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Nussie And Ruchy Singer $100.00
Isaac Steinfeld $72.00
Miriam Abrams $54
Melissa Grinspan $54
Miriam Agular $50.00
Eliezer Stern $50
Kol hakavod and much Hatzlacha
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Elisheva Levi $36.00
Rachel Smith $36.00
Kayla Reich $36
Levi Groner $36
Devorah Bahn $36.00
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