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Camp4ever! 2017

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Dear friend, thank you for visiting my Raise4ever page.

You should know this is the first time in my life doing something like this, and it's not my type at all - but now having been there and lived it, I cannot see myself going back to the new zman without at least trying to do something a drop more for this amazing organisation. 

I just returned from a life-changing summer experience, and I’d like to share it with you. I was privileged to be a counselor at Camp4ever, a traveling camp, through the US, for children whose parents have a life-threatening illness or who have recently lost a parent. Throughout camp, my job was to imbue my camper with the strength and positivity that would help him heal from the crushing burdens of the past year and prepare him for the challenges that lie ahead. I personally witnessed the impact of Camp4ever, where kids get support from other kids in similar situations, make lasting relationships with trained staff mentors, and have enough fun to last a lifetime. To quote one mother with advanced cancer, “More than any medication, Camp4ever and Chai4ever are the biggest source of healing for me and my family.”

Though camp is over, paying the bills isn’t. Camp4ever still has a $280,000 deficit which not only puts the future of camp in jeopardy, but also limits Chai4ever’s ability as an organization to keep taking on new families that apply daily.

Now I know, you think that in America they have enough money, and why should people from overseas need to donate etc, and dont get me wrong - I totally understand you, too. However, I can personally testify that for whatever reason, Chai4ever are really struggling to cover the costs. 

It would truly mean a lot to me if you could be so kind to please help me make sure that Chai4ever is able to continue its incredible work by donating on this page or by contacting me directly (us mob +1 313 652 3140 / whatsapp +32 486 04 89 79) if you'd like to send a check.

Thank you in advance for supporting this crucial cause!

Wishing you all the best,

Yacov Aftergut