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I am so excited to be spending my summer as a counselor at Camp4ever. Camp4ever is a camp that gives kids whose parents are fighting life-threatening illness the summer of their dreams. For a family battling serious illness, one thing is painfully clear: every single member of the family, no matter how young, is dramatically impacted. These kids attend school knowing that no one else understands what it means to try to complete homework while a parent is in the hospital, or to watch a parent transform physically and emotionally due to treatment. They often feel confused, anxious, and most of all, different. Here is where Camp4ever steps in. Camp4ever, an amazing program of Chai4ever, addresses kids' challenges head-on. Camp4ever is a traveling camp that provides laughter, fun, and healing in a nurturing environment where parental illness is the norm. Each camper is given the full attention of her ever-present counselor, who cheers her on throughout this turbulent time. The girls meet other girls with whom they can relate and who understand. Most importantly, the effects of camp last far beyond the summer. The Camp4ever family creates a network of people who support each other every day of the year and ensure that no child ever has to struggle alone. Camp4ever, paired with the practical, emotional, and financial help that Chai4ever provides, is literally life-saving! I have committed to raising $3600 to help additional children attend camp this summer. Camp4ever has a waiting list of campers who are anxiously hoping to hear that they can come to camp. You have the ability to change their lives forever!! Lets daven for Mashiach and to see the day when families no longer suffer from serious illness.

Penina Bernstein