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For the past three years, I have had the life-changing experience of escorting a group of campers on what is far more than a fun, action-packed memorable traveling camp. The children range in age from eight to 18 and came from all types of backgrounds but share one thing in common -- the harsh realities of living with a seriously ill parent.

Far beyond giving the children and their parents a respite, Camp4ever!, a program of Chai4ever, was designed to give campers the ability to express, admit and face their fears in a community of children and teenagers who understand exactly what they are going through.  The relationships and connection formed with other campers and staff continues long past the summer and gives them the strength to get through the year.

We have all had a pretty rough year, but no one as much as the campers who attend Camp4ever! These children look forward to camp all year and desperately need the fun, relief, and strength that they gain in two short weeks in order to cope with the rest of the year. I would like to do my part to ensure that every child that can benefit from Camp4ever's program will have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, there are tremendous expenses associated with running such a camp and it is imperative that Chai4ever also sustain critically needed services to these same families and many others all year around. The last few months especially saw a tremendous increase in demand for emotional, financial and practical support of the many Chai4ever families quaranteed to protect an immuno-compromised parent.

Last year, beyond any realistic expectation, my amazing friends and family supported my efforts by helping me raise over $26,000 for this amazing cause.  I have no idea how I will ever even match this feat but I feel it is incumbent on me to try my utmost to top last year's campaign and have set an ambitious goal of $36,000.  Please help me provide these children with a brief respite of happiness, accompanied by the sustenance of lifetime memories.

Nachamah Jacobovits