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    Nechama keep doing your terrific work! Your care for each girl and family is ever present. We are proud to be your friends!
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    The work that you do for these kids is so special and inspiring!
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    To one of the most giving and selfless people I know!! ❤️
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    In honor of all the light you put into these girls lives. Have a great trip
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    The C4E family is lucky to have you in their lives ❤️GO NECHAMAH
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    Hashem should continue to give you Koach to always put a smile on the faces of these children. You are an inspiration!
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    In honor of Nachamah, one of the most giving people I know. The amount you do for our campers is unmatched!!! -Mish
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    Heart of gold
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    I hope all these precious children get a choice spot in summer camp. Refua Shlema to their mother.
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    Kol Hakavod for the amazing work you do !
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    In memory of Esther Ita bas Yosef, Evelyn Smith on her shloshim. And in honor of rock!! Chezky & Fran Medetsky
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    Keep up the great work!
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    In honor of a very special and wonderful person, Nachama Jakobovits! You are truly an inspiration!!
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    Hope everyone has a great summer!
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    We envy you !!!
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    In honor of Nachamah who we owe a lot of hakaras hatov to. Thank you for everything and much hatzlocha!
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    In Honor of Nechamah! Your passion is contagious
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    Nachamah you selflessly devote an incredible amount of time and energy to help those in need! I am lucky to know you and be a part of this tremendous kindness💞
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    In honor of Nachamah and all the work she does.
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    Nachamah, your devotion to C4E is inspiring. The campers are lucky to have you.
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    We love Nechama!!!!!!!!!!
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    Imo Bellville bubby and zaidy
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    Well done for all your hard work! Wishing you continued success
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    In Honor of Nechama for her dedication, selflessness and for setting an example for all of Klal Yisroel of how to embody V'Ahavta Lereiacha Kamocha!
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    Nachamah ur amazing:)
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    In honor of Nachama! Wowed by the heart & soul you give to Chai4ever!
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    Nechama , I admire how u care so much for these children!
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    In memory of yakira leeba schwartz almost 4 yrs old who passed away yesterday 6/8/23 May her neshama have an Aliya
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    Nechamah!! Your selflessness and dedication truly inspires me!! Hope you reach your goal! Thank you soo much for all you do for me and all the Chai4ever kids and families!! Hashem should repay you many times over.. Can't wait to spend time with you in camp this year!! We love you, Nechamah!! ~Zlaty
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For the past six years, I have had the life-changing experience of escorting a group of campers on what is far more than a fun, action-packed memorable traveling camp. The children range in age from eight to 18 and came from all types of backgrounds but share one thing in common -- the harsh realities of living with a seriously ill parent.

Far beyond giving the children and their parents a respite, Camp4ever!, a program of Chai4ever, was designed to give campers the ability to express, admit and face their fears in a community of children and teenagers who understand exactly what they are going through.  The relationships and connection formed with other campers and staff continues long past the summer and gives them the strength to get through the year.

As we emerge from the shadows of isolation, anxiety and depression created by Corona, please remember the children who live with these shadows in their home every day because of a critically or chronically ill parent! They still dread the regular sounds of ambulance sirens as we did and their only escape is the brief two weeks of camp. These children look forward to it all year and desperately need the fun, relief, and strength that they gain in two short weeks in order to cope with the rest of the year. I would like to do my part to ensure that every child that can benefit from Camp4ever's program will have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, there are tremendous expenses associated with running such a camp and it is imperative that Chai4ever also sustain critically needed services to these same families and many others all year round.

For the past three years, I have set the ambitious goal of $36,000 for my campaign, which I have yet to meet! However, I am compelled to keep trying because my generous friends and family know how passionate I am about the need for this camp and enabling Chai4ever to offer this program to every kid who could benefit from it. Unfortunately, every year, they are forced to cut children from their list because of lack of funds. Please help me ensure that this will be the year that all children can get a brief respite of happiness, accompanied by the sustenance of lifetime memories.

Nachamah Jacobovits