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Jerome Weinberger $514
Ok Bailey got you to $1000. Let’s go people!!!
Bobby And Zeidy $360
We are so proud of you, love Zeidy and Bobby
Zachary Eisenberger $250
Great job bailey chuck would be so proud
Jerome Weinberger $206
Hey Bailey love M.C. Got you to 2000
Leala And Mendy Rosner $180
Love you Bailey!!
Vory Peretz $100
Chani Eisenberger $100
Eli Klein $100
Shragie Eisenberger $100
Eli Abbott $100
Herschel Sauber $100
Ilana Rosner $100
Suri And Udi Peretz $100
Keep up the great work !
Rachelle Eisenberger $72.00
Jessica Bash $36
My awesome mitzvah girl Bailey! We are so super proud of all the good that you do! Keep up the great work!
Shira Gade $36.00
I am bai baes biggest fan
Barry Diamond $36
In honor of Bailey........need I say more....
Chuck Bass $18