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Please join us on March 10 for an inspirational evening to benefit Chai4ever, a special organization that restores strength and lifts the spirits of hundreds of families affected by a parent’s serious illness including many Monsey clients.

Chai4ever makes the experience of illness bearable so that patients can focus on healing and their children can thrive despite the burdens they shoulder. Even when others are unable to help, Chai4ever remains a constant. They offer practical assistance in the home from meals and housekeeping assistance to volunteers that help with grocery shopping and homework. Chai4ever keeps patients and their children afloat with counseling, insurance advocacy, medical referrals and transportation to and from medical appointments.

Chai4ever's recreational events, however, are the highlight for these patients and their children. Holiday parties, family events, big brothers and sisters and Camp4ever!, a summer camp exclusively for children struggling with a parent’s serious illness, lift spirits and build a community of encouragement and strength for thousands of children.

Please respond generously so that we can smooth the turbulence of illness for newly diagnosed Monsey patients and beyond. Together we can ensure that Chai4ever has the resources it needs to respond to the growing demand for its services.

Thank you in advance.

Team Monsey