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Putting on my Tefilin for the first time.

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My name is Justin Juroviesky and my Mom has chronic pain. What is it like having a parent who is always in pain? The day to day life is uncertain. Sometimes she feels well enough that we can push her around in the wheelchair outside, other times we have to tip toe around the house as she lays in bed, unable to move and leaving us feeling helpless. We cherish those happy days when we can go outside and do something together as a family.

When hope came in the form of an experimental treatment in New York, my family jumped at the chance to help our Mom, even if it was only temporary. Chai4Ever took care of the arrangements, we stayed in their guest house in the city where they had meals delivered to us daily and checked in to see if my siblings and I wanted to do any activities to keep us busy. When you have a sick parent, you often feel lonely, you have to take on a responsibility and burden that no child should carry alone. Chai4Ever not only treated us like friends, but as family, and checked up on us throughout the year; sending Chanukkah greetings, and Mishloach Manot that brought smiles to all of our faces.

Chai4Ever reminded us that sometimes, it's okay to just be kids and that's why I've decided to make raising money for them my Bar Mitzvah Project. On behalf of all children whose families are fighting serious, life threatening, and often debilitating illnesses, thank you.

Justin Juroviesky