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Chai4ever provides services throughout the United States and Israel dedicated to alleviate the stress and hardships that families endure when a parent is suffering from a debilitating or critical illness, maintaining and restoring stability and normalcy to the entire household, especially the children. A number of families in our community have benefited greatly from the emotional and practical support that Chai4ver provides, inspiring us to form this campaign to help underwrite the costs of providing programming in the Great Neck area as well throughout Klal Yisroel. It is our fervent hope that in the zechut of our efforts, someday there will soon be an end to the suffering that these families are experiencing. Some of the available sponsorship opportunities include: Throughout the Year: $180 - Deliver gifts to children of a seriously ill patient $360 - Sponsor a week of housekeeping assistance for a family $500 - Sponsor a week of meals delivered to a family $720 - Sponsor a parents' support group $1,000 - Sponsor Sunday Fundays for children who desperately need a break $2,500 - Sponsor a family's counseling and emotional support $5,400 - Sponsor a child to attend Camp4ever $7,200 - Lift a family's spirits with a vacation getaway $10,000 - Sponsor a mini retreat for a group of Chai4ever families $25,000 - Nourish patients and their children with delicious meals for a month Additional Camp4ever opportunities Camp hats - $1000 Camp T-shirts for two days - $1,800 Camp Sweatshirts - $2,400 A night of lodging for the camp - $7,200 Admissions to an amusement park - $10,000 Kitchen truck - $18,000 Canteen - $18,000 Shabbos sponsor - $25,000 A week of lodging - $36,000 Bus sponsor - $42,000 A day of camp - $54,000 Lodging sponsor - $100,000

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