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We are really excited that we joined Raise4ever in support of Camp4ever! Our goal is to raise $10,000 to send children with sick parents to camp.

Last summer our children were given the special opportunity to join Camp4ever! and had an incredible experience. Last year was a challenging year for them. Having to tell them that their mother has cancer was heart wrenching.  Throughout all the fears and emotions, the Chai4ever family was there to support and help our family get through as best as possible. Having the opportunity to send the kids to Camp4ever! was amazing.  They got a break from the daily strain of seeing their parent go through treatment. In addition, the camp gave our children an opportunity to meet and befriend children just like them whose parent is going through a medical hardship.  The children understood and supported each other. These friendships are based on a special bond of understanding and familiarity.  Our children now have special friendships that will last a lifetime. 

We are determined to ensure that every child that can benefit from Camp4ever!'s program will have the opportunity to do so. Our objective is to raise $10,000 to enable these children to go to camp and we hope you will help us reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please join us by clicking on the donate button now. If you prefer, please mail a check, made out to Chai4ever, to us at 1919 Batchelder Street Brooklyn NY 11229.

Thank you for supporting our efforts on behalf of families fighting cancer and other serious illnesses.

Hadas and Evan Tobias