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Join Emergency Bus Campaign! For the past seven years, Camp4ever has successfully provided two weeks of a life-changing camp experience for children with seriously ill and recently deceased parents who live the rest of the year dealing with the anxiety and harsh realities of disease on a daily basis. They need to act like adults in helping their parents cope but for two weeks a year they have the chance to laugh, run and play like "normal" children. This unique traveling camp program gives these kids a reprieve from a challenging home situation, restores their spirits and renews their strength to persevere! Unfortunately, as the parent organization, Chai4ever has grown, so has its client base and number of children who desperately need the opportunity to have their spirits and energy nurtured and restored in a supportive environment surrounded by a community of fellow campers and trained staff who understand exactly what they are going through. The emergency bus campaign was started because there are a number of children currently on the waiting list for camp who will simply not be able to attend without additional funding for another bus, food, lodging and activities. These are children who will not only remain in the heartbreaking, depressing atmosphere of their homes for those two weeks but will not have the memories and friendships to get them through the rest of the year. They are former campers who have experienced Camp4ever in the past and are deeply saddened by what they will be missing. Please support this emergency campaign as generously as you can because while it is not in our power to heal their parents, we can certainly strengthen their ability to deal with the tragic circumstances of their life.

Emergency Bus Campaign