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Growing up I was the eldest. For those of you who know me, you know my sister was diagnosed with a disease from a young age. Naturally, this wasn't easy for any of us. It was every parent's nightmare and of course trauma for the family. Baruch Hashem, Hashem blessed our family with our beautiful radiant Naomi who is Baruch Hashem totally healed, happy, and healthy today! This summer, I will be volunteering my time as a staff member at Camp4ever, a traveling camp for kids whose parents are fighting life-threatening illness. For a family battling serious illness, one thing is painfully clear: every member of the family, no matter how young, is dramatically impacted. Hospital visits, procedures, side effects, medical crises, and uncertainty about the future wreak havoc on a child's security. Kids feel confused, anxious, and most of all, different. They attend school knowing that no one else understands what it means to try to complete homework while a parent is in the hospital or to watch a parent transform physically and emotionally due to treatment. I Baruch Hashem have never been in these children's places. May we all never be IYH, but I somehow understand the position of a child going through family pain when a member is critically sick. I want to do everything I can to give back. To be there just to help one child. Affect one child's life and add a little more light to it. We had many of these beautiful organizations in Klal Yisrael help us throughout the years, making sure we were always happy and had what we needed to somewhat forget about the pain. Camp4ever, an amazing program of Chai4ever, addresses kids' challenges head-on. This traveling camp provides laughter, fun, and healing in a nurturing environment where parental illness is the norm, not the exception. Each child has their own counselor, who cheers on the camper throughout this turbulent time. Kids meet other kids who share in their triumphs and losses and understand each other without words. Most importantly, the effects of camp last far beyond the summer. The Camp4ever family creates a network of people who support each other every day of the year and ensure that no child ever has to struggle alone. Camp4ever, paired with the practical, emotional, and financial help that Chai4ever provides, is literally life-saving. I have committed to raising $3600 to help additional children attend camp this summer and change their lives forever. Camp4ever currently has dozens of campers on the waiting list who are anxiously hoping to hear that they can come to camp. Please donate by visiting https://www.raise4ever.org/eden or mailing a check made out to Chai4ever at 5621 MELLING, cote st Luc (MONTREAL), QC h4w 2c1. Please contribute; the moments until camp are ticking down! May we soon see the day when families no longer suffer from serious illness. Warmly, Eden Harrosch

Eden Harrosch