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For six years now my family has been dealing with parental illness, for four years we have been a part of Chai4Ever, for the last two years there has been Camp4Ever.

Chai4Ever is an amazing organization that has helped my family so much over these last few years with their amazing trips, fundraisers, and warm atmosphere, they spare no expense in making someones day or even year.

When Camp4Ever was first introduced my brother was one of the campers going along that first year on the boy's trip, and he came back with the biggest smile on his face. That whole year he could only think of summer, because the sooner it came the sooner Camp4Ever would start again. I didn't fully understand him until the following year when I went on the girl's trip. Besides the amazing trip, and one of a kind atmosphere, I gained so many friends, campers and counselers alike, who I constantly keep in touch with until today. Going to any Chai4Ever event today is like a mini camp reunion which seems to never end for everyone involved.  

This year I am returning as Support Staff so that I am able to contribute and give other children and teens a chance to experience this trip and the lifelong friendships it brings. I am determined to ensure that every child, like myself and my brother, that can benefit from Camp4ever!'s program will have the opportunity to do so. My objective is to raise $2000 to enable these children to go to camp and I hope you will help me reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please join me by clicking on the donate button now.

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Chaya Surie Moskowitz