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Having a parent with a serious illness is tremendously challenging. We have so many responsibilities at home. It hurts to see a parent in so much pain. We are constantly worrying about the future. It’s hard to relate to our school friends who are so carefree. What keeps us going is Camp4ever!. Camp4ever! is the only place where we find friends in similar situations and we can understand each other. Camp4ever! is the only place where, for two weeks a year, we can let go of our responsibilities and act like a kid again. Camp4ever! is the place that gives us the reassurance that no matter what the future holds, we have our Chai4ever family to support us. Camp4ever! lasts for two indescribable, life-changing weeks, but there are 50 other weeks of the year that are long and hard. Some of the campers suffered losses, others have parents in critical situations. The Camp4ever! campers are desperate to reconnect and get a much needed boost from a weekend reunion together with their camp staff and friends. This connection is what fuels them and will give them the strength to carry on throughout their challenges until the following summer. The costs for a weekend reunion are high, but the benefits would be immeasurable. Please donate generously to make this dream a reality for so many children suffering from the burden of parental illness.

Camp4ever Reunion