Chai4ever's special summer program -- just for children living with parental illness -- brings back the joy of childhood with friendship, excitement and fun in a supportive setting.

Peers who are experiencing similar challenges and specially trained staff help create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Camp4ever at a glance

  • 2 amazing trips for children struggling with a parent's serious illness
  • A summer of fun and adventure designed to build confidence and courage and foster a sense of community among children and teens experiencing similar trauma
  • 200 children and counselors from across the US have the summer of a lifetime
  • One-to-one child to counselor ratio
  • Trained staff in daily consultation with Chai4ever case managers
  • 200 parents given respite to focus their full energy on medical care and recovery while their kids are in camp*

Kids and Parents Corner

"At Camp4ever! I made friends who get it. I had such a fun summer and can't wait to go back." – Ahuva, age 12

"Camp had the best trips and the awesomest counselors." – Dovi, age 8

"It was such a pleasure to know that our kids were having fun in a warm and loving environment where other children and their counselors understand what they are going through. During the year, our kids are all alone, dealing with their dad's cancer. But now they have the summer to look forward to." – Deena, Camp4ever! parent

What is Chai4ever?

Chai4ever changes the face of illness for nearly 1,000 patients and 3,000 children with practical assistance in the home, from meals and housekeeping assistance to volunteers that help with grocery shopping and homework. It keeps patients and their children afloat with counseling, insurance advocacy, medical referrals and transportation to and from medical appointments. Recreational events including holiday parties, family events, big brothers and sisters and Camp4ever!, a summer camp exclusively for children struggling with a parent's serious illness, lift spirits and build a community of encouragement and strength for thousands of children.
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