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Hi!!! It’s Michal!!!

I joined Raise4ever three years ago and have been passionate about it ever since. Last year I had the opportunity to be head counselor of Camp4ever and I was able to witness firsthand the amazing miracles it achieves. Since that amazing and inspiring experience, I’ve only gotten more passionate about raising the necessary funds to help these families.

Children with a seriously ill parent have it rough. They deal with the realities of disease daily. They live with a constant fear of Mommy or Daddy leaving them. They need to act like adults in helping their parents cope. These children need the break that summer camp provides, and the chance to laugh, run and play like "normal" children. Their parent's catastrophic illness and the resulting financial distress leaves families unable to afford summer camp, just when it is needed most. This unique camp program gives these kids a reprieve from a challenging home situation, restores their spirits and renews their strength to persevere!

I just returned from Camp4ever’s kickoff party for the girl’s session. The atmosphere there was amazing, and the warmth and excitement was clear on every staff members face. I am so excited for these campers to have the most incredible experience of their lives. And yet, as I greeted the families that I have gotten close to over the year, all I could see was the suffering they are going through and imagine the countless families that did not have the opportunity to send their child to camp. The only thing stopping these kids from coming to camp is lack of funding. I personally know the length of the waiting list for C4E and each family desperately trying to get into camp has a more tragic story than the next. The girls camp has already left but I’m hoping that by me raising money, the boys will be spared making those painful decisions of which families to help.

As head counselor last year, I saw just how much help and love these children need. Camp4ever is not just about giving the kids an awesome summer (and trust me they do that), nor is about giving the parents a long overdue break. Our devoted staff are literally giving these children the strength and tools to deal with their difficult realties year-round. Aside for year-round contact with campers that each staff member commits to, it is this strength and love that makes the positive camp experience truly last 4ever!

Last year after returning from the most incredible experience in Camp4ever I received a letter from a camper thanking me for everything she gained in camp. She explained to me how amazing the camp program was and how devoted her counselor had been. This 12-year-old camper then told me that “as happy as I am that I just had the best 2 weeks of my life, C4E was so much more than that. Somehow in this short time, surrounded by these incredible people, I learned that it was okay to be happy. Because of my situation I never really knew that and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.”

Every 12-year-old child deserves to be happy, and if not to be happy then at least to understand that happiness is good and that it is achievable. Unfortunately, Camp is filled with children from age 8-18 who can all relate to such feelings. It is hard to believe, but the 2 weeks in camp transform them into kids who are free from the constant burden that is their reality and gives them a support system to encourage them throughout the year.

Last year, I raised over $6,000 and was amazed at everyone generosity and eagerness to help. This year, although I’m starting late, I am determined to at least reach my previous goal. I understand that I’m not running in a marathon or biking miles (I don’t think I could ever do that!) but I am guaranteeing you that every dollar you donate will be directly ensuring a child’s happiness.

Thank you in advance for every dollar that you give to these children.


All donations are 100% tax deductible (and maser money is definitely welcome!)


Michal Dodelson