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Dear Friends,

Only a year ago, my eishes chayil Nancy and I co-hosted a parlor meeting for Chai4ever, the organization that has supported us throughout the tumultuous years of our fight against cancer. It is unfathomable to us that just a year later, our beloved Nancy is no longer here with us.


If you knew Nancy you knew Chai4ever, and if you knew Chai4ever, you knew Nancy. She was the one at every single event, no matter how sick she was feeling or how draining the chemo was. She was the one talking to other cancer patients, giving and receiving encouragement and advice. She was the one who got up on the Camp4ever buses before they pulled out and reminded everyone to act in a way that will make their parents proud. She was the one who was happy and energetic, no matter what. She was so full of life that we never believed that the cancer would win. But on November 3, 2018, surrounded by her loving family, she returned her neshama to Hashem.


Chai4ever has truly become family to us. Throughout the years, they stood by our side providing cleaning help, meals, volunteers to take the kids out or cover hospital shifts, and much, much more. During our many sudden hospitalizations, they were there in the blink of an eye to ensure that all was under control. And like family, they celebrated our simchos with us (remember Camp4ever! crashing Binyamin’s and Aryeh’s bar mitzvahs?) and cried at our losses with us.


Laughter and energy were Nancy’s trademark. Her radiant smile and ever-present positivity enriched the lives of everyone who knew her. Now, we have the opportunity to allow Nancy to continue to spread strength, joy and encouragement even after her passing. We are proud to introduce the Nancy Novack Simchas Yom Tov Fund, which will power Chai4ever’s constantly-expanding organization-wide events throughout the year. We can personally attest that these events aren’t simply a fun outing; they create the support network that is literally life-saving for a family overwhelmed by the physical and emotional demands of illness.


Please join us in making sure that every family, in Passaic and every location, can benefit from Chai4ever’s programs the way that we have. May our community, and our nation as a whole, only share simchas and see no more illness or pain.



Aharon Novack