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  • Yehuda Neuman $540
    Daniel- we love you and what you’ve been doing for these kids! Couldn’t be prouder of our little bro/ bro-in-law!! ❤️
  • Anonymous Sponsor $500
    Dan this camp and these people clearly mean a lot to you. Im confidant that all the time and work you’ve invested here will make a huge difference in these campers lives. Keep it up!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $300
    Every kid deserves happiness.Period
  • Shlomie Bleiberg $250
  • Yehuda And Esther Neuman $215
  • Avi Yurowitz $200
    Keep up the great work Dan!🔥💪🏻
  • Steven Goldman $180.00
  • Dovid Neuman $150.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $100
    If he was a girl i would marry him
  • Nosson Gersten $100
    Donny I’m really proud of you for all of your hard work and all that you accomplished this year.
  • Anonymous Sponsor $100
    My boy Dan.
  • Chaim Bamberger $100.00
    have fun!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $100
    In honor of dan the goat 🐐
  • Anonymous Sponsor $100
    10 days closer to our holy home in Jerusalem because of all of you❤️❤️
  • Aron & Dasi From $100
    Keep up all your great work! Yitzi From and family
  • Yeshaya Lerner $85.00
  • Nate Isaak $75.00
    Dan keep up the great work
  • Mendy Rosen $72.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $72.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $70
    7/24/2020 😏 high mountain 😘
  • Anonymous Sponsor $60.00
  • Moshe Solomon $52
  • Joshua Burstein $50
  • Rachel Lehrer $50.00
    Have a great time!
  • Ya Blau $50.00
  • Ephraim And Shani Lehrer $50.00
    So proud of you Daniel!
  • Shlomie Bleiberg $50.00
    Once boys, always boys
  • Anonymous Sponsor $50
  • Eli Lehman $50
  • Chesky Goldfeiz $50
  • Yaakov Kahn $50
    Hyped for this Israel quarentine lets gooo
  • Eliyahu Newhouse $50.00
    Love you dani
  • Yitzy Fonfeder $40.00
    To the hottest nephew in the game. Shidduch game about to turn uppp
  • Avi Levy $40
    Rly proud of u Dan!!!!
  • Sruly Rottenberg $36
  • Yaakov Sperka $36.00
    Hi Danny
  • Anonymous Sponsor $36
  • Eli Rayvich $36
  • Abe Naftali $36.00
    For the boyyyyz
  • Adina Matyas $36.00
    For a truly inspirational counselor - nicely played 😉 Had to help you catch back up to me...thank you for your dedication to the kids and the cause!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $36
  • Joshua Moskowitz $30
    U got this
  • Ari Jacobs $30
    Do you remember who you were before the world told you who to be
  • Yisrael Bassalian $25
  • Zevie Feinsod $25.00
  • Relly Greenwald $25
    Happy 24th to David
  • Anonymous Sponsor $25
  • Anonymous Sponsor $25.00
    Make him head counselor asap.
  • Moshe Shtaygrud $20.00
    Lol Dani I was wondering where that 20$ u were “borrowing” went🤦‍♂️ But real talk so happy to give to such a wonderful cause.#Boyz4Life
  • Noam Gelb $20
    Let’s Gooooooo
  • Noam Knopf $20
    Danny is a cutie pie in our imagination
  • Moshe Gelbein $20
  • Noam Gelb $20
    My Boi Dan
  • Y.U.M. Y.U.M. $20
  • Mickey Mulivor $20
    I witnessed Dan first had this summer. He is an incredible person and counselor, not only is he committed to his awesome camper, but to this wonderful Organization as well. Keep it up.
  • Eliyahu Kretchmer $18.00
  • Robin Garfinkel $18.00
  • Joseph Blumenberg $18
    ר' אברהם ברוך בן ר' שמעון הלוי
  • Shmuel Cohen $18
  • Shayele Gross $18
    Thanx for 5am orlando vibes!
  • Eliyahu Kretchmer $18
    Daniel, you are truly an inspiration to all of us and a blessing to these kids you so clearly love. G-d bless you brother.
  • Anonymous Sponsor $10.00
    In honor of the greatest roomate and the kindest person i know
  • Aharon Saragossi $10
  • Yehuda Kamelhar $10
  • Moshe Gelbein $10
  • Aryeh Kalish $10
    For my boy!!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $10
    Go Doni!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $10
  • Aharon Saragossi $10
  • Aber Bron $10
    just cuz I had to...
  • Hesch Edelstein $8.50
    2 grand made keep it up love you bro
  • Mordy Oppe $5
    Your amazing
  • Anonymous Sponsor $5.00
  • Mordy Oppen $5.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $5
  • Noam Knopf $3.5
    Danny is a cutie pie in our imagination
  • Anonymous Sponsor $1
    In honor of the greatest Counsler (to be)
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I'm really excited that I joined Raise4ever in support of Camp4ever! My goal is to raise $3600 to send children with sick parents to camp.

Children with a seriously ill parent have it rough. They deal with the realities of disease on a daily basis. They live with a constant fear of Mommy or Daddy leaving them. They need to act like adults in helping their parents cope. These children need the break that summer camp provides, and the chance to laugh, run and play like "normal" children. Their parent's catastrophic illness and the resulting financial distress leaves families unable to afford summer camp, just when it is needed most. This unique camp program gives these kids a reprieve from a challenging home situation, restores their spirits and renews their strength to persevere!

I am determined to ensure that every child that can benefit from Camp4ever!'s program will have the opportunity to do so. My objective is to raise $3600 to enable these children to go to camp and I hope you will help me reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please join me by clicking on the donate button now.

Thank you for supporting my efforts on behalf of families fighting cancer and other serious illnesses.

Daniel Lehrer