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Moshe Freilich $500
Abba And Ima $500
We’re so proud and honored to have a son who’s so devoted and caring towards this BEAUTIFUL CHAI4EVER FAMILY!!! All the love and care u put into these boys should be a big zechut in your future hatzlacha!!! Love Abba and Ima😘❤️😘
Yehuda Kohn $360
Aber Bron $250
JUST SEEING HOW DEDICATED YOU ARE, IS A SERIOUS INSPERATION (and a slight problem cuz imma end up giving you all my money) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!! ps. if you could take away 5 minutes a day from the 24 hours you work with chai forever for me that would be great 😘
Sruli Leibovic $118
Told u I would;)
Aviya Avital $101.00
Always shares his Pecans 😉
Anonymous Sponsor $101
Shefa lets get to the goal
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Im not *** but hes cute
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Joseph Navon $100
You got this Yaakov!!! May you continue to make these children happy and everyone else around you happy:) ❤️Yossi & Rachel Navon
Ari And Tova Medetsky $100
Yaakov Bron $100
The camp is very lucky to have Yaacov on their team!
Aber Bron $100
You’re doing amazing work Achi!!! Miss u bro. Keep it under wraps
David Rose $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Your dedication shows how much this AMAZING organization means to you!! And how far you go to put smiles on these kids faces really inspires me!!! Love you bro❤️ Keep up your amazing work🔥
Yaakov Zakon $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
So impressed by the way you take camp4ever-literally!! Keep it up Yaacov❤️
Anonymous Sponsor $75
Anonymous Sponsor $70
To blthe most amazing counselor and leader I know 😘
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Anonymous Sponsor $30
Shayele Gross $25
In life it's rare to meet someone who you know will be great one day. But rabbi abraham I knew it the second I met you! When you make it big dont forget me !
Anonymous Sponsor $20
Rachel Yagen $18
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Aber Bron $9
just to make it even 😉