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Richard Henken $5000
Nachamah Jacobovits $1000.00
Aviva Hoch $500
Ronald Gurman $500
Keep up the great work
Anonymous Sponsor $500
Simins Family $500
Judy And Mark Frankel $500
Neal Wolkoff $252.00
Nachamah, your description of camp life was very moving.
Lisa Glazer $250
Yasher koach Nechama!
Anonymous Sponsor $250
KOL HAKAVOD , with Malky as a Cheerleader you can’t loose !!!
Marilyn & Alan Rich $200
Tzippy Halpert $200.00
Christopher Gillan $200
Gale Gero $180
Felicia Gamss $180
Nachamah-your dedication to this worthy cause is admirable! Keep up the great work!
Ari Hoch $180
Avigail Ginzberg $180
So proud to be your friend!
Sara Frankel $180
Dinah Leiter $180
In honor of nachamah an all around rock star!
Toby Weinberger $180.00
Andrea Bier $180.00
So proud of you and all you do
Mayer Schulman $180
Reena Monoker $180
Nachama you are the most awesome, most dedicated C4Eer!! Make this summer the best one yet!!!
Shragi And Dena Weldler $180.00
We love you Nachamah!
Schulman Family $180
Levi Zagelbaum $150.00
in honor of nachamah
Jon Polesuk $118
Tova Graber $118.00
So proud of u Nachamah! Keep up the wonderful caring fun work!! Very impressive and so giving of yourself!!
Howard Tanney $100
Neal Wolkoff $100
Ronald Gurman $100
Ariel Gillman Gluck Glaubach $100
Nachamah Jacobovits $100
Miri Warman $100
Nechama you do everything with a full heart !!!
Esther Kahn $100
Shoshana And Asher Gross $100
Hadassah Shetrit $100.00
Cindy Gelnick $100
Kol Hakavod. Such an amazing mitzvah!!
Michelle Kaplan $100.00
For Nachamah J, the most generous person we know!
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Tobias Family $100
Nachamah, thanks for all that you do for C4E and their families. You are amazing.
Hannah Hoch $100
In honor of the amazing Nachamah!
Chana Phillip $100
In honor of Nachamah Jacobovits for all the wonderful things she does!
Tova Hecht $100
Keep up all your great work!!
Benjy Berger $100
Keep up the great work!
Yonatan And Michal Frankel $100
Kol hakavod Nachamah! Looking forward to the day when this camp won't be needed any more!
Talya And Dudi Parnes $100
We love you nama! You better win!
Moishe And Tehila Weldler $100
Shari Borenstein $100
We are so proud of you and the good work that you do! People like you are really making a difference!! Keep up your great work!
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Aryeh Dicker $100
In honor of our great neighbors
Tamara Jacobovits $100
I’m so proud of the work you do with these kids. These trips are hard work. Hatzlocho
Avigail Yitzchakov $100
Nechama keep doing the AMAZING work that you are doing. May hashem relay you for all that you do! Amen!
Anonymous Sponsor $100
to the most dedicated volunteer of Chai4Ever, the kids will never forget you.
Gitta And David Neufeld $100
So proud to be your friend!
Chani Reiss $100
Kol HaKavod Nachama!
Michael Davidson $100
Katherine Russell $100
Jessica Kashizadeh $100
Amazing work!
Brian Katz $100
Keep up the good work
Tzipporah Jacobovits $100
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Go Nachamah!
Estelle Parnes $100
May you always be busy with good things!!!
Abraham Pressburger $100
Shimon Jacobovits $100
Annette Duffy $100.00
Esther Reich $100
Avigail Reich $100
Moshe Nussbaum $100
Ronald Gurman $95
Barbara Rhodes $75.00
In honor of Nachamah, a dear friend & tremendous inspiration! We love you Nachamah! The Rhodes family
Surie Jacobovits $72
You're Amazing! Hatzlacha
Fraidy Schoenfeld $72
In honor of my amazing friend Nachamah.
Dvora Hecht $54.00
So proud of you NECHAMA !
Anna Fortgang $54.00
Carol Federman $54.00
In honor of Nachamah and campers . wishing everyone a safe and fun trip. The Federman Family
David Greenberg $50
Leah Solomon $50
Have a safe, healthy and fun summer😎!
Brenda Weiss $50
In honor of Nachamah,a very special friend from way back, who continues to inspire us with her ability to give to others and make everyone feel good about themselves. I am proud to know you. Love, Brenda
Sarah Mintz $50.00
Love your blue sunglasess!
Rochie Stein $50.00
Ari And Esti $50
In honor of a truly special person who does so much for Klal Yisroel! Keep up your great work and may you be Gabenched!
Yoel Schmell $50
Chaim & Basya Borenstein $50
In honor of Nachamah, who gives her all to everything she does. We are proud to be Almost Related!
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
Go Nachamah!!! Your a rockstar!
Judy Salm $50.00
Surie Seliger $50.00
Fantastic Nechama!! Tizku lmitzvos
Chaya Pollock $50.00
In honor on Nachamah Jacobovitz. You are amazing and a true inspiration!!
Sheila Shapiro $50.00
Anonymous Sponsor $50
Estee Rausman $50.00
Golda Schattner $50
Go nechama !!! So special
Rhonda Ray $50.
You're truly amazing!
Chaya Halon $50
Barbara Waingort $50
Justin Hirmes $50
Tizku Lemitzvos for all you do
Malky Goldberg $50
Mousha Kaplan $40.00
Malka Jacobovits $36
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Amazing chesed!!
Rochel Singer $36.00
Tzivi Anisfeld $36
Shana Beren $36
Tamara Schwed $36.00
keep up the great work
Eve Rhodes $36
Sara Reiss $36.00
Gitty Reiss $36.00
Moshe Nussbaum $36.00
In honor of Nachama Jacobovits
Hedy Needle $36
Robyn Kaufmann $36.00
In honor of my dear friend Nachamah who fills everyone’s life with so much happiness!
Anonymous Sponsor $36
In memory of Nigel Ross
Dvora Hecht28 $36.00
Faige Jacobovits $36
Nachamah you are the best!!!
Gordon Rutledge $31
Rachel Beraja $26
For all you do!!!! Good luck raising ❤️🤍
Devorah Juravel $25.00
In honor of the best chai4ever counseler - Nechama Jacobovitz!
Robert Nahum $25.00
Elizabeth Venute $20
Nachamah Jacobovits $20
Hannah Pollock $20.00
Chaya Maimon $18
Tova Hecht $18
Dinah Miller Marlowe $18
Courtney Maimon $18.00
Thanks for all you do Nachama!!
Avi Ray $18
Aharon Pirutinsky $18.00
JB And Racheli Borenstein $18.
in honor of Nachamah
Esther Romanoff $18.00
Leba Wagner $18
Nachamah, keep up your amazing work!!!
Dini Greenberger $18
Shana Pollack $18
Rachel Haller $18
Adina Matyas $18.00
In honor of Nachamah who always goes above and beyond for Chai4ever ❤️❤️
Julie Kessler $15.
Shlomo Benseev $15.00
Yakov Adler $10.00
Nachamah Jacobovits $8
Nechi Hirsch $5
For a shiduch for Devorah Miriam bas Masha Necha