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Hi, my name is Miriam Gitlin-Petlak. For the past two summers, I had the absolute pleasure to volunteer as a camp4ever counselor, and this summer I will IYH be returning once again. Camp4ever is a camp which gives kids with seriously ill parents a respite from the stress at home: by taking them on a once in a lifetime trip through the USA. For years I've been wanting to give back to an organization and help out these kids who are going through all the pain I have witnessed first hand, and I’m so lucky to finally have such an awesome opportunity. Organizations like this one are what kept me going, upbeat and optimistic through even the hardest of times. But in order to give a camper the best summer of her life, I need all of your help to make it there! Please in honor of my mother Leah Tova bas avraham A"H, the kids, and me- take the two minutes and put some money in- any amount helps! Thank you so so much. YOU make a difference. Donate and share!

Miriam G-P