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Join Team Color Run!

On October 25th, we will be sending a message of strength and hope to families struggling with a parent’s serious illness. We have joined the Camp4ever! Color Run to raise funds for Chai4ever, the only organization that offers comprehensive practical assistance that alleviates stress and lifts everyday burdens from seriously ill parents.

Chai4ever offers everything a family might need: From homework help and housekeeping assistance to insurance navigation and transportation, Chai4ever is there to maintain normalcy and fill the basic needs of patients and their families. Big Brothers and Sisters shower children with attention and emotional support while Camp4ever! offers children with a sick parent a summer of confidence and meaningful friendships.

What is most inspiring is the way Chai4ever helps – they bring a positivity and energy that infuses children with hope and love that gets them through the tough times.

Please help us raise $$700 so that Chai4ever can continue to respond to the growing demand for its services. Together we can brighten the darkness of a parent’s illness by lifting spirits and giving these families the will and the strength to persevere.

***Do you want to join us the Camp4ever! Color Run? Register and join our team! For more info, contact Henny at (848)245-7421.***

Thank you in advance!

Mindy Zucker