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Camp4ever brings people together. Here, my daughter and her friends from camp are so sad to leave each other after two amazing weeks of camp.

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 Dear family and friends 


   I am writing regarding a program from which I benefit personally, in the hopes that I will inspire you to help others benefit as well. Twenty years ago, when I was just 20 years old my life was forever changed with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. In that time, despite my illness, I have worked hard to be a good father, husband, and business owner.  However, even with the best treatment and my strongest efforts, many simple daily tasks have become impaired due to Multiple Sclerosis. My ability to help at home, go to work, participate in functions or simply throw a ball around on a Sunday afternoonwith my children have all been impaired.

  One hot summer, when I had no idea how I’d manage to supervise and entertain my 6 children while my wife worked full-time at her own business, Chai4ever, the only organization in the world who comprehensively helps families where one of the PARENTS are ill and have school aged children, entered my life. They provided desperately-needed daily aid in and out of the house, among many other things.

  And then they gave us an even greater gift: Camp4ever!

Camp4ever! is a unique, fun, therapeutic traveling camp for kids dealing with parental illness. This incredible camp program gives my children and many others a reprieve from the challenging home situation, especially now, when the hot summer weather causes my condition to worsen. Camp4ever! provides a nurturing, positive staff who are specially trained to help our kids discover their own strengths and regain the confidence that they can handle this challenge. When camp ends, the campers and staff remain as a year-round support system for them. Camp4ever! restores their spirits and renews their strength to persevere! Please take a moment to watch this video of the camp program Leaving illness and fear behind at camp4ever!


 Being a recipient of the great kindness Chai4ever is able to bestow, I can only begin to tell you how hard a parents illness is on the children, and what a big deal Camp4ever! is, not only for the kids but even for me, the parent! 
Although Camp4ever is free of charge, it costs the organization $3600 per child to attend. Nicole and I would like to give back by raising at least $36,000 to enable 10 more of these innocent young children, who have to deal daily with their own issues and their parents’ illness as well, to go to Camp4ever! I hope you will help me reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.
Please respond generously and click this link - http://www.raise4ever.org/eddieshamah to go to my personal fundraising page and donate, or make out a check to Chai4ever and mail it to me at 90 Cooper Avenue, West Long Branch, NJ 07764.
in the zechut of supporting this mission and shining a light on the darkness of a parents illness, may hashem shine the light of health and success on your family.


Tizkeh Lemitzvot,


Eddie and Nicole Shamah

Edward Shamah