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  • Jill Rosalimsky $250
    Ahava, we are so proud of you and all that you do! What a beautiful Mitzvah! Love Gran and Mark
  • Rachel Wapniak $200.00
    We are so proud of you! We
  • Marc Smulevitz $180.00
    Dearest Ahava. What an amazing chesed project you have undertaken for your Bat Mitzvah. We are so happy to be included in helping you meet your goal to send another child to Camp4Ever in the future. Kol Hakavod. Love. Susan and Grandpa
  • Shayna And Charles Smulevitz $120
  • Eve Sullivan $100.00
    Mazal Tov Ahava! We are so proud of you! Love, The Sullivans
  • Ron Zuckerman $100.00
    Mazal Tov! From Zuckerman Family
  • Alex Shtaynberger $100
    Mazel tov - wonderful project
  • Anonymous Sponsor $100
  • April Gaffney $100
    Go AHAVA !! Amazing
  • Avygayl Zucker $100
    Tisku LiMitzvot, this is so amazing!
  • Tammie Farkas $100
    Mazal tov!
  • Jeffrey Smulevitz $100
  • Marcia Weinblatt $100
    So proud of you!!
  • Nelson Spiess $90.00
    Kol hakavod
  • Samantha Terline $72.00
  • Deena And Rafi Zlotnick $72
    Mazel tov on your bat mitzvah!!!
  • Alissa Grill $54
    Kol HaKavod!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Deslie Paneth $54.00
    Weโ€™re so proud of you Ahava! Youโ€™re awesome! Love, Aunt Deslie, Uncle Menachem, Matthew, Brittany and Ashley
  • Karen Zucker $54.00
  • Caryn Lenefsky $54.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $54
  • Esther Langer $54
    Kol Hakavod , Ahava. Keep doing ืžืฆื•ื•ืช. Mazal tov Joseph and Esther
  • Evie Hoffman $54.00
    Mazel Tov Ahava! So proud of this awesome bat mitzvah project! Love, Aunt Evie, Uncle Phillip, Amalia, Tehilla, Rayna and Yakira
  • Penina Dreyfuss $54.00
    Mazel Tov. Great idea
  • Connie Corcia $54.00
  • Karen Zucker $54.00
  • Lynn Atzenhoffer $54.00
    Mazel Tov! Auntie Lynn, Mark, Mara & Eli Atzenhoffer
  • Donald And Estelle Press $54
  • Shelley Wapniak $50.00
  • Deborah Chinskey-Wapniak $50.00
    Mazel Tov on your Bas Mitzvah. Love Mima And Shaya Silbiger
  • Rebecca Baltuch $45.00
    Mazal tov! Amazing and thoughtful project! We would love 1 child size and 1 adult size Ahava mask! They are wonderful!
  • Aliza Siegel $36.00
    Tizki lmitzvot! What a great way to shoulder the mitzvah of ื•ืื”ื‘ืช ืœืจื™ืขืš ื›ืžื•ืš!
  • Lisa Lederer $36.00
    Mazal tov! Tizku l'mitzvot.
  • Tamar Hiltzik $36.00
  • Avi Rosalimsky $36.00
    Such a beautiful Mitzvah! Mazal Tov Ahava!
  • Nachamah Jacobovits $36.00
    I am so proud of you Ahava!!!
  • Jeremy Lavitt $36
    Mazel Tov!
  • Marcia & Lee Weinblatt $36.00
    So proud of you!! Marcia & Lee Weinblatt
  • Aliza Greenblatt $36
    Mazel tov and tizku lmitzvos!
  • Jennifer Nissani $36.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $36
  • Beverly Sonnenblick $36
    such a beautiful mitzvah!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
  • Aviva Brukner $36
  • Devorah Jacobowitz $36
    Mazel Tov! What a great project!
  • Caryn Zimberg $36.00
  • Steven Bernstein $36.00
  • Eva Broder $36.00
  • Carl Mesheberg $36
    Thank you for what you are doing. It brings honor to you and your family.
  • Yanky Koenig $36
    Mazel tov!
  • Rachel Kitt $36.00
    Mazel tov!!
  • Nachamah Jacobovits $36.00
    Coming back for more!
  • Krischer Family $36
    We love these masks (and the girl behind them!)
  • Susan Dresdner $36.00
    We are so proud of you!
  • Leslie Gang $36
  • Talia Fried $25
  • Devorah Jacobowitz $20.00
    I can't get enough of these masks!
  • David Goldstein $18
  • Atara Pinto $18.00
    So proud of you!
  • Mindy Spielman $18.00
    Mazal tov on your bat mitzvah. May you continue to be a source of joy to your family.
  • Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
    Mazal Tov!
  • Joshua Silber $18.00
  • Beila Goodman $18
  • Shani Marks $18.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
  • Jennifer Hassel $18.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
  • Jennifer Niman $18.00
    Mazel tov and great job Ahava!!
  • Chumi Diamond $18
  • Jill SACKLER $18.00
  • Shani Hollander $18.00
  • Devorah Jacobowitz $18.00
  • Jill Rosalimsky $18.00
    So proud of you and this chesed. We love you!
  • Sima Steinmetz $18
  • Shelley Wapniak $4.00
    Turning my $50 into a full $54 (3x chai )
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total raised:

I'm really excited that I joined Raise4ever in support of Camp4ever! My goal is to raise $5,000 to send children with sick parents to camp. 

I am raising money by selling face masks that can be worn during this Corona Virus crisis. Each mask is $18. If you would like to order one or more masks please make the donation in $18 increments. If you would like to donate more than your mask order, feel free to do so. Please email me your mailing address and amount of masks ordered after making your donation. My email address is ahava.smulevitz@halb.org.

I am determined to ensure that every child that can benefit from Camp4ever's program will have the opportunity to do so. My objective is to raise $3600 to enable these children to go to camp and I hope you will help me reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please join me by clicking on the donate button now.

Thank you for supporting my efforts.


Ahava Smulevitz